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Past experience
Quality Control

N, the National Bureau of on-site examination and dozens of varieties, all passed.

N Swiss corporate headquarters to check more than a dozen Research Center, all of the praise.

N domestic enterprises synchronous inspection, source in confidence and trust damm purcell.

Time control:

N success stories:

* 3 kinds of chemical pirfenidone treatment of pulmonary fibrosis clinical trials, 6 months to complete 78 subjects were recruited.

Kinds of large scale clinical trials of hepatitis C virus with 9 types of biological products, 722 cases of patients were recruited into the group by 5.5 months.

1 clinical trials of rheumatoid arthritis treated with types of chemical drugs, 113 cases of childbearing age and postmenopausal women were recruited in 4 months.

N research center selection and cooperation: ten years of accumulation, cooperative research centre around 21 provinces, four municipalities directly under the central government, four autonomous regions, one of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, radiation to the north and south of the country. Familiar with the research center of the process and the basic situation, establish a good relationship of cooperation, can be successfully selected clinical research center and clinical trials, to do a good time control.

N station configuration: nearly 20 cities across the country set station, forming network coverage nationwide, greatly reduce the travel costs and to ensure better monitoring of frequency, in cooperation with the faster better completed the trial.
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