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About us
Beijing damm Xaar technology limited liability company (Beijing Stemexcel Technology Co., Ltd), referred to as Steinm qusayr company is a contract research organization.

, damm Xaar company 2005 since its establishment, for domestic and foreign customers to provide a full range of services, including drug and device registration affairs, I-IV clinical research, bioequivalence test and international multi center clinical study to meet the domestic and international growing in China to carry out the needs of clinical research. In the process of customer service, fully respect the customer's requirements, combined with their own rich experience in project operation and external resources, in good faith cooperation, win-win cooperation and common development of cooperative attitude and professional, rigorous and efficient work style, and actively for domestic and foreign customers to design practical service programs, provide high standards, personalized, professional clinical research and registration services and other services. Has been successful in Europe and the United States and other foreign investment, joint venture pharmaceutical companies / medical device companies and domestic large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies / medical equipment companies to provide quality services, and become a long-term strategic partner. So far, has helped customers to complete the registration of drugs and devices and various clinical research projects dozens. The areas of cooperation mainly related to liver disease, tumor, rheumatism, skin, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, God, God, anesthesia, Department of orthopedics, cardiovascular and other professional.

, damm Xaar company headquarters located in Beijing, and in Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xian, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Jinan, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin and other nearly 20 major capital cities set up resident monitors, in order to ensure the provision of efficient and high quality service. The company has a mature, solidarity, forge ahead of the team, the team members received the national food and Drug Administration on drug clinical trial quality management practices (SFDA-GCP), international coordination meeting of drug clinical trial quality management practices (ICH-GCP) and related knowledge training, and have many years of work experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

, damm Xaar company spirit of quality is the life of philosophy, set up nine years, in the customer service process, we summarize, and constantly improve themselves, has accumulated rich experience. The company has a perfect SOP management system, the establishment of a mature, strict internal quality control management system, as well as the development of advanced, with independent intellectual property rights of electronic data acquisition system. At the same time, and clinical research in the country of liver disease, cancer, God, rheumatology and immunology, dermatology, respiratory, digestive, endocrine professional a number of well-known experts and maintained a long-term close relations of cooperation, for the company's design, conducting clinical research, summary report written by other aspects of the work to provide guidance and help. Through high quality service, stem Purcell company has won a good reputation in the industry.
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